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Steph’s First Fish!

Joe and I have been running charters for 10 years now.  I know because my wife, Janet, often reminds me when I’m late for dinner. She, and others, often wonder why Joe and I continue with the business. After all, we are up every day at 4:00AM, often returning home, smelling from fish, sometimes past dinner. And when we have a free day,  Joe can usually be found in the engine room of the Nauset, changing some kind of oil or filter. It’s an exhausting summer to be sure. But we love it!  Spending time with each other and being on the water everyday never gets old. And neither do the interesting people that we meet from all over the world.  But the biggest rush of all is witnessing a memory that we know will be lifelong. Yesterday was such a day.  Steph and her high school buddies booked the Nauset for the afternoon.  Fishing was hard for the first part of the charter.  We finally found the fish and then, that moment that Steph will remember forever.  Her first Striped Bass! In fact, it was her first ever fish, period!  Beaming, she struck a pose.  She probably practiced it a couple of times in front of the mirror, with her hand placed firmly on her hip! A perfect end to a special day.  And that photo captured the reason why Joe and I have a Fishing Charter business.

A Memory That Will Last Steph’s Lifetime!