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Striped Bass $27.50 lb!!

I couldn’t even imagine just a couple of years ago that our sacred Stripers would be in such demand that the price at the retail market would be higher than filet, Lobster, swordfish or scallops! Yet here we are. With the price as high as it is, I thought to share a few of my tips for keeping the fish fresh after you take the fish off the Nauset and into your home. Firstly, the cleaning of the fish on the Nauset as we return to the Pamet Harbor is NOT the end all for storing the fish for consumption. When Home, rinse the fish. Take off all blood and any remaining scales. At this time you can trim the filet into meal size portions. Then take a bunch of paper towels and firmly squeeze the filet between both hands until the fish is dry. Cut the fish so it can lie flat in a freezer bag and store for later. Fresh Striper will easily stay fresh for 4 days in a cold fridge. To freeze your fish, follow the same instructions. Then, wrap tightly each piece in cling wrap and finally aluminum foil. Place in freezer bag. To get air out of bag, close bag but leave enough space to stick a straw inside bag and suck out remaining air, closing quickly. You’ll have fish all winter! Enjoy

Smoked Striped Bass appetizer