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Striper Time at Race Point!

It’s usually around Father’s Day each year that Stripers in force return to Race Point to fatten up on Mackerel after their long journey North. It’s a long swim from the Chesapeake and Hudson River. Once here, they chow down on the Mackerel that have been here since early Spring. The method of choice is live lining. We usually spend some time gathering bait and storing it in the Nauset’s live well. It can be tricky knowing the difference between a Striper taking the live bait, and the Mackerel swimming freely. But after a while most customers get the hang of it. Patrick Callahan and his dad John sure got the hang of it. They had a great time this morning live lining and making some Father’s Day memories that they won’t soon forget.

Captain Joe, John and Patrick Callahan with some nice Stripers caught at Race Point Provincetown