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Cape Cod

Summer Fun!

It’s been awhile since we’ve seen this kind of weather; sunny skies, cool breeze, calm seas…A Cape Cod summer.  Dan and Siu, arrived with friends to spend the week at a rented home on the West End of P-Town. Originally, Dan had booked the charter for 4.  But the nice weather and a long day at the beach the day before put Ryan and Nodir in the party mood. Maybe too much in the mood.  Because when we picked up Dan and Siu at the curtesy float in Provincetown, the planned party of four, became a party of two! As Siu would later say, “more room for us”.  The two vacationers had a great time catching early morning Stripers at the cottages.  With enough fillets to easily feed them and the crew that didn’t wake up from the fog of the previous night spent out on the town.

Dan and Siu with broad smiles in the summer sun