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Team Effort

The boys had just finished winning their baseball tournament back home. It’s summer league now. Serious Baseball, as most parents who’ve been involved will tell you.  Rob and Andy booked the Nauset because they are on a four day sabbatical from the grind of Summer league baseball.  If you’re involved, you can’t truly vacation until August. So, like most devoted parents, they oblige their kids with short vacations between games and tournaments. The boys,  fresh off their conquest, came with  their teams baseball caps firmly in place.  We spent the early part of the trip catching plenty of fish, and spent the last hour trying to figure out why they wouldn’t bite, when they did before.  The Dads had a great time, just being on the water with their well behaved children, away from the summer Baseball grind.  Good Luck Boys!

Perfect day for a guys only fishing trip!