Daily Fishing Charters From
Truro & Provincetown
Cape Cod


Capt Joe and Mate Bob were fantastic.  I would strongly recommend this charter for any family with teenage or younger children.  They know where to catch fish and make it a memorable learning experience for the youngsters.  They allowed real hands on and it was the best charter experience I have ever had on the Cape.  ~Scott S.   

Thank you guys for a great charter.  We appreciate the extra effort.  Molly and I have fished all over the world.  Hands down, you folks were the best to spend time with.  Happy Hunting!  ~Brian, Wyoming 

Captain Joe and first mate Bob are professional, polite and engaging.  They were very accommodating with three kids on board.  Would recommend ReelEzee to anyone looking to have a fun fishing experience with some local knowledge filtered in. ~Jay

Capt Joe.  It was nice to be back on the water, salt spray and the prospect of hearing “Fish On,” is what draws us to it.  We had fun, and had lobster for breakfast!!  Best Wishes. ~ Shawn and Amelia

Captain Joe. We cannot thank you enough for providing us with an amazing day on the water, taking in all the sights and sound of outer Cape Cod. We set out hoping to catch fish but experienced so much more: seals playfully soaking up the sun’s rays on the beach, a whale who seemed to enjoy putting on a show just for us, and of course catching some beautiful fish which we were thrilled to eat and share with a few of our cottage neighbors and family back home! Beyond this, it is the people who make the difference. A captain who truly loves what he does: the sea is where he is most at home. His mate looks forward all year to spending his summer “vacation” on the water working closely with him. Truly a winning combination! We cannot wait until we will return again and spend another day on the water with you and Bob!  Carol S.   

Having spent over 30 years booking hunting and fishing trips throughout the USA and Canada, I know what’s expected of an outfitter.  Captain Joe Francis and his mate Bobby, exceed all expectations.  If you’re on the Cape and want a charter with an excellent Captain, go with Joe Francis ~Sal P exit 8A New Jersey

We had lots of action with smaller fish and all six of us landed fish within the first 30 minutes.  Joe and mate Bob are great.  They know where the fish are and can match the fishing to what your group is looking for.  ~Dwight G

I kept hearing the word “Epic!!” and the stories and enthusiasm were endless! It is apparent that Bob has the patience and kindness of a saint to bother with including my exuberant babes on All the details!! I’ll pull together something more thoughtful for you from my husband, but this is a big thank you from me! We appreciate the late start too, though hopefully it didn’t cost us too many fish?.  ~ Jenean H.  

The whole family caught fish. It was a special moment with my kids and a great crew. Can’t wait to do it again. I’d like to throw a thank you to Bob for putting my picture on front of the website. That’s me with the blue Cape Cod sweatshirt. I will 110% refer them now and always. ~ Adam L

Joe, We had a great trip!!! My father, brother in-law, son, and nephews all had a day to remember. Please pass our thanks on to Bob as well. He is a great addition to your team. I will definitely take the time to write a post on our experience and we hope to make this an annual. See you next year and thanks again! ~Mike R.

Hi Bob. Great time today. Thank you so much for the day in the water and to both you and Captain Joe for trying to go for the last fish! ~Jason H.  

This is Kristin K.  thx SO much for best fishing trip ever for my kids & Dad yesterday!! We had grilled Striped Bass last nt & ur recipe was amazing 2!! And ur blog was GREAT luved it!! I had relaxing mrng with coffee & no fighting kids it was heaven!! Def love to do next year thx SO much again!! Incredible the fish they caught – we cannot believe it!! Thx again!!    ~Kirstin K.  

Good morning, Capt. Joe. It was great day for us too. We appreciate all your and Bob’s time and efforts to make it a wonderful experience for everyone. The whale watching was an incredible bonus!  ~ Roosevelt.  

Too funny! (Referring to blog “nothing but blues”) We very much enjoyed our morning with our new friends Bob and Joe! Bluefish for dinner! Thank you!   ~Cliff.  

I insisted that I wanted to catch something today and Capt Joe made sure I did just that!  Not only did I catch something, I caught an almost 4 foot Striper!  Such a great time!  This was the best charter trip I’ve taken.  We will definitely be back!  ~Melissa S.    

Terrific! Great Post!  I’ll send you some of the pics from the (birthday) feast tonight.   ~ Ben K.  

Hi Joe – we had a great time with you guys. Thanks for all the laughs and we will be back tuna fishing well at least Laurie and me?. ~ Robin M.  

Joe- Carol loved the blog.  It was very kind of you.  We LOVED the trip.  You and Bob were excellent!  ~ Steve S.