Daily Fishing Charters From
Truro & Provincetown
Cape Cod

Thank God For Molly

It’s not an easy thing, asking a 19 year old college student to wake up for a fishing charter. Especially after a long day on the beach, smack in the middle of a one week Truro Vacation.  But Joe and I are glad her mother Ann did just that this morning. We had been hoping to get out sooner from the Pamet, but tiredness must have affected our ability to put the fishing rods aboard before launching! Dwight was kind enough to help grab the gear.  Later than intended, we steamed over to The Cottages and set out the lines. The sky was ever brightening so we knew we didn’t have much time. Grant caught a nice keeper and then we got into a long spell of throwbacks. Finally, Joe suggested a move to the Race Point and Wood End area. The water is deeper and the Stripers are more apt to bite in bright sunlight. Once there we set out a Mackerel deep diving plug. The wait didn’t last long. The line screamed out and a big fish was on. Molly fought the fish gamely until the end, a good 10-15 minute battle. A 39″ Striped Bass was brought to the gaff, and a very tired but elated Molly saved the day!

Alex, Dwight, Catherine, Grant, Ann, Molly spending a beautiful Cape Cod summer day on the water