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The Curse Of The Blowfish

Fishermen by nature are a superstitious lot. Joe and I are certainly no different. No banana on board, no talking about how’s the fishing’s been, and never guarantee fish. We’ve been burned in the past. This morning’s 6:00AM charter started out like most this week, in the fog. We’ve been having good luck fishing from Race Point all the way past the old Coast Guard Station , usually early, before the sun becomes intense. But, today started off slow, too slow. Something just seemed wrong. Sure enough, Charles gave us a hint of the trouble. He told us that he hasn’t caught a fish since he was 12. When he was fishing off a pier on Long Island, he remembers catching a blowfish. Later, his grandmother lovingly turned that one fish into a meal. Now, most people in their 40’s don’t even know what a blowfish is. So you can imagine the look I gave him. He hadn’t caught a fish in over 40 years!! No wonder the fish weren’t biting. It was the curse of the blowfish. Charles was the jinx. We all had a good laugh. Finally, we made peace with the fish gods and the floodgates opened. We ended the trip with a load of Stripers, and even Charles managed one small fish, breaking the spell of the long ago blowfish. His grandmother would approve.

Charles and the fish that broke the spell of the blowfish