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The Fever!

That mid seventies Bruce Springsteen song was stuck in my head as I let go of the dock lines at the Pamet Harbor this morning.  The refrain, for those less musically aware, was “I got the fever for this girl.” A bluesy love song about how a girl was consuming this guys life.  Only, this morning it was Lobsters that were consuming young Sterlings life.  He and his younger brother Ridge had flown in from the Boulder Colorado area with their parents for a seaside vacaction with friends.  And all Sterling wanted more than anything else was to go lobstering.  That’s kinda rare for a kid, at least I had never heard of it.  So, he must of had the Lobster Fever !  Caught somewhere between  playing too much PlayStation and hiking in that Colorado summer heat.  After a couple of hours pretending to enjoy catching huge fish, he and his younger brother Ridge had enough.  With Sterling helping the entire time, we pulled some traps, threw back some small ones, witnessed an egg carrying female and learned how to band and measure lobsters.  Wow, what an education in the art of lobstering!  After the last lobster was banded and carefully  tucked into the fish box, the fever subsided, and a young man with a passion for the lowly lobster was satisfied.  Smiles were wide as a weary bunch of young fishermen headed home.

Sterling and Ridge with some of todays catch!