Daily Fishing Charters From
Truro & Provincetown
Cape Cod

The Nauset Experience

It’s never about how many fish you catch. I think about that often enough as I see older folks in center console charter boats fly by us holding on for dear life.  It’s the entire charter experience that is important. Sitting comfortably in cushioned deck chairs, using our private below deck bathroom when convenient, sitting inside our salon out of the wind, sun and spray.  And finally,  having a personable mate who assists you with every aspect of reeling in what may be the largest fish of your life. Our boat might not be the fastest, and other boats may win the prize for hauling in the most fish, but the Nauset is by far the most comfortable and personable charter boat in the fleet.  The other day was a perfect example. Karl, Ray and Bob chartered the Nauset for the morning. It was already hot by 8, and there was no breeze. Ray stayed out of the sun and was cool inside the cabin.  Karl’s creaky knees were happy with Karl firmly planted in a deck chair. What was supposed to be a 4 hour charter turned into 6.  These older gentlemen were having a great time.  The comfort of the Nauset was a big reason why. When choosing a fishing charter, try to look beyond the number of fish caught, (we all catch fish) or how fast the boat goes, and think about what experience best suits your unique family profile.

Karl, Ray and the Nauset