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Cape Cod

The Problem Angler

On the surface Chris seems like a nice guy.  He has a positive attitude and an affable personality.  His brother Ralph and Chris’s two kids, Michelle and Bill are also easy going and good to be around.  Yet, for all the happy vibe that the Nauset experienced on the way to the fishing grounds; fabulous whale show, the ease by which we were able to secure bait,  a foreboding darkness lurked just under the surface of happyville.  You see, Chris is a Problem Angler.  Capt Joe describes such a person as one who has the potential to jinx an entire fishing trip, single handedly.  In fact, Chris successfully managed to pull that off last year.  When, we had a rare fish skunk with Chris and Ralph on the Nauset.  Thankfully, last year the  lobster Gods, (who obviously were asleep at the time) saved the day with a sack of lobsters.  So, as the hours ticked by, with Chris still entrenched in the fighting chair, we had zip, zero, nada, in the fish box.  In a desperate attempt to save what was left of the charter,  Chris was deposed, and in his place we asked  (closer to pleaded with) Michelle to take his  seat.   It didn’t take long for Lady Luck to work her charm and after a couple of frantic hours we left the fishing grounds with the fish still biting.  The jinx was finally broken and sore arms and broad smiles ruled  the day.  We’re sure it was a 58th birthday celebration that Chris will never forget.  All the best Chris, from Capt. Joe and Bob!

Chris with the fish that broke the jinx!