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Truro Magic

Captain Joe and I are a shade biased when it comes to our town, Truro. We both love that we are surrounded by the National Seashore, can claim to be the only town without a traffic light on the Cape, have ocean and bay within 2 miles of each other, and arguably have the best beaches. But it’s always refreshing to have affirmation from outsiders, like Julie and Ralph from Plymouth. This was there first trip to Truro, having spent years on the lower Cape. They love it here. Sitting high above Corn Hill in their vacation home, watching the sun set over Provincetown, they’ve found nirvana. The fishing trip helped! They both like to fish the ponds back in Plymouth, but couldn’t believe the size of the Stripers they caught at Race Point, Provincetown. And with the modern age of smart phones, they made sure all their friends knew it too.

A beautiful Truro morning for Julie and Ralph from Plymouth