Daily Fishing Charters From
Truro & Provincetown
Cape Cod

Unbridled Enthusiasm

The fishing is always better in the early morning. Wildlife in general is on the move in the early morning or dusk. Our wives would murder us if we did sunset charters, so we always try to steer customers to the morning charters. However, it’s summer time on Cape Cod, and getting children or especially teens at the dock by 7:00AM is near impossible. Hence the afternoon charter, which starts around 12:30. You can bet dollars to doughnuts teenagers will be on those trips.

The extended family we had out today broke that mold. These were kids of all ages. I’m guessing 7-16 and they were extremely enthusiastic. From the jump they were engaged and focused on fishing. Emily, the oldest, did her best to arrange the rotation out and into the fighting chairs. And the boys were polite and shared the duties of reeling in lines and holding the fish. Sometimes having 4 children aboard can be a challenge. Today restored my faith in this younger generation. They had a great morning catching commercial sized Striped Bass and also releasing many more to fight another day. Bravo for their conservation awareness. Tight Lines! We hope to see you out there.

William, Emily, CJ and Layton: young anglers with a penchant for fishing no matter how early