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Walking On Blues

Maybe pound for pound there is a more vicious fish in the Gulf of Maine waters, but I certainly haven’t run across it.  Bluefish are always angry!  They bite though leaders, they cut through our rubber tube tails with their razor teeth, and leave dozens of gouge marks on any plug we use to catch them.  The hardest part of my job, for which I give a silent prayer, is the landing and dehooking part.  I grab the short leader attached to the fish with a gloved hand and in one motion swing the bluefish out of the water and into the slender fish box on the stern.  It doesn’t always work as planned, leading to frantic moments with a snapping 12 lb bluefish on the deck.  Thankfully, those moments are rare and in any event it keeps everyone on their toes, literally.  Yesterday, I must have repeated that process a hundred times, seemingly.  We started trolling and catching right outside the mouth of the Pamet  river, and it never let up for 4 straight hours!  Now that’s a great day of fishing!

Cullen from Singapore with one of many bluefish
Chloe and Amelia with their first ever fish! Congrats girls