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What Was That??

Usually, I have an idea of what I’m going to post halfway through the trip.  Today was no different.  When a Provincetown Whale Watch boat stopped a quarter of mile to our west to follow a nice sized finback whale, Dan had casually suggested we ram it!  That was a interesting story line . Yeah, he has that kinda slightly twisted humor.  But today the trip ended with a huge surprise, that was much more interesting than a rammed whale.  Something that hasn’t happened this year.  We had a great trip, catching  Stripers on the troll as well as live lining mackerel.  We filled the fishbox with our limit and were in catch and release mode when both trolling rods went down.  Matthew’s fish was smallish, but Thomas had a nice fish that was taking line.  We already had a 39″ Striper that Mathew had caught.  Thomas had an equal, it seemed on the line.  Then it happened! The line started peeling off at a frantic pace.  Something  had taken the big Bass that was hooked and was moving away, seemingly not feeling the drag pressure of the rod.  Then it was gone, and so was the fish that it had eaten.  That was the conversation Joe and I had on the way home. What was that fish?  Probably a shark,  we decided. It grabbed an easy meal of a large bass and swam off.  Not before straightening out two hooks.  Seals around the Cape have attracted a fair number of sharks.  I think we ran into one today, for sure.  A great day on the water with a nice family from New Hampshire.  See you guys next year!

Thomas, Mathew and Isabelle with some nice Stripers caught off Herring Cove, Provincetown