Daily Fishing Charters From
Truro & Provincetown
Cape Cod

Wind Waves Fish

Every so often the stars align and the weather and fishing matches the charter group. For example, the sunny calm day, perfect for pulling some lobster traps and we have a family of four with two youngsters. Or the day that the fish are jumping in the boat and we have a gang that is part of a 20 person reunion. It happened the other day. The wind was gusting and the waves kept most boats at their moorings, and we of course had a 6:00AM charter. As our group was making their way down the gangplank a dejected father with his young son were going the other way. Their small center console turned back at the mouth of the Pamet River. Too rough. The stars were definitely aligned for us because walking toward the boat were 4 young men with broad smiles and that twinkle in their eyes that told us they were up for an adventure. And boy did they ever. They braved the ride out and once we arrived on the backside off Truro, we had non stop action with Stripers. A perfect charter for a bunch of adventure seeking guys who didn’t mind the extreme weather that was thrown at them.

Dan, Connor, Dan and Scott pose with one of many Stripers caught off the great backside beach, Truro