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World Champs!

It’s not often that anyone can say they were in the company of world champions. Capt Joe and I certainly didn’t think that Dwight, Trevor, Jim, Catherine or Laura LOOKED like champions. They were your average everyday “in shape” 50’s crowd (exception Trevor). I had my first hint of things when I asked how all 5 were related and only Dwight and Trevor actually were. The rest of the crew knew each other from Ultimate Frisbee. You see, these guys were the best of the best back in the day, with Masters championships and women’s World Championships amongst them. Wow! How cool is that!? Each year 30 or so former players who were on those teams in the 90’s get together for a Cape vacation in Truro. They’ve stayed best friends for the past 26 years. So, if your around Cold Storage beach in Truro and want to watch how A frisbee can be tossed 60 yards down the beach, stop by, and see how that iconic beach sport is REALLY played. Tight lines! Hope to see you out there.

Catherine, Trevor and Jim with some nice Keeper Striped Bass caught today off Billingsgate Shoals, Wellfleet