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Cape Cod

Yin and Yang

If you were sleeping in one of the cabins next to the Pamet Harbor parking lot, you would have thought there was a party outside your window this morning.  Joe and I were slowly waking up at 5:50AM waiting in the truck with the Nauset in tow, for our 6:00AM charter to arrive.  And boy did they arrive.  Well, at least Christa did! She was like a jolt of caffeine.  Just what we needed to get the boat launched and ready to go.  Full of life and enthusiasm, I quickly discovered that they drove from Dennis, a 45 minute trip.  The ride must have charged her batteries.  Her good natured kidding and inquisitiveness got Joe and I into the fishing flow.  Christa’s kids Justin and Emily, Emily’s boyfriend Mikey, Justin’s bud Jack and Christa’s partner Todd stepped aboard the Nauset and we set out in dense fog.  We were 20 minutes into our 25 minute ride to the fishing grounds when it dawned on me, Todd is as quiet as Christa is outgoing.  Opposites really do attract.  They reminded me of my mother and father-in-law, happily married for over 60 years! They have a long way to go.  The fishing was slow and steady. The company and kidding amongst the bunch made the trip a happy one, until the primal scream at the end as I was swinging our final fish into the fish box.  Our trip ended as it had started, with a jolt!  After a while, my heart stopped racing, we stored  the gear, cleaned the fish and made our way peacefully home.  Great trip!  Hope to see you next year.

Todd, Christa, Emily, Mike, Jack and Justin in front of a foggy Wood End Light, Provincetown